10 Important Lessons for 2020 I Learned on The Sopranos

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I don’t know about you, but 2020 feels like it’s been about five years long. Tony Soprano would probably say it’s been more like 500 years. Well, either way, you know what Madame De Stael says: “In life one must choose between boredom and suffering.” With that said, read on to find 10 important lessons for 2020 I learned on The Sopranos

Paulie Talking to Christopher on the Sopranos
Season Two, Episode Nine, “From Where to Eternity”

I learned on The Sopranos that the 2020 election season was going to feel like purgatory. Going to bed on election night was like peak purgatory. Christopher claimed that hell was “an Irish bar where it’s St. Patrick’s Day every day forever.” I disagree. Hell is more like sitting in front of your T.V. and hearing the *election projection* notifications show up on the screen with a boom.

Svetlana talking to Tony Soprano
Svetlana talking to Tony Soprano (Season Four, Episode 10, "The Strong, Silent Type")
Carmine Lupertazzi talking to Tony Soprano in Season 3, Episode 3, "Fortunate Son"
Carmine Lupertazzi, Sr. talking to Tony Soprano (Season Three, Episode Three, "Fortunate Son")
Junior Soprano talking to Tony.
Corrado "Junior" Soprano talking to Tony Soprano (Season One, Episode Four, "Meadowlands")
Hesh Rabkin talking at Livia Soprano's Funeral.
Hesh Rabkin talking about Livia Soprano (Season Three, Episode Two, "Proshai Livushka")
Paulie Walnuts in Italy
Paulie Walnuts talking to his date in Italy (Season Two, Episode Four, "Commendatori")
Richie Aprile talking to the crew in The Sopranos in Season 2, Episode 6, "The Happy Wanderer"
Richie Aprile walking into the executive card game, Season Two, Episode Six, "The Happy Wanderer"

I Learned on The Sopranos: What Can Happen Nowadays for Exercising Your First Amendment Rights

Meadow Soprano talking to Tony and A.J. in Season Six, Episode Six, "Live Free or Die"
Meadow talking to Tony, A.J., and Carmela about the government.
Carmela Soprano in the kitchen, season 6, episode 6, "Live Free or Die"
Season Six, Episode Six, "Live Free or Die"
Livia Soprano meme
Livia Soprano talking to Janice and Richie (Season Two, Episode Three, "Toodle-f**in-Oo")
Richie Aprile is talking to Tony Soprano.
Richie Aprile talking to Tony Soprano about gifting Tony his "jaacket"
Richie Aprile talking with Tony Soprano in Season 2, Episode 8, "Full Leather Jacket"
(Season Two, Episode Eight, "Full Leather Jacket")

And Sometimes The Best Option is Just to Say Toodle-f**kin-Oo!

In sum, there are so many things about 2020 that I learned on The Sopranos. And we still have a few more weeks! I hope this post resonated with you, especially as we await final election results. If not, go eat your Manicotti! Join the conversation by following me on social media, and take a look at the rest of my Sopranos blog posts

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